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buy shatter online

In the marijuana revolution since legalization, there have been all sorts of new products marketed to cannabis enthusiasts. From drinks to edibles and concentrates like shatter, these concentrated marijuana extracts are a great way to experience the therapeutic and recreational benefits of THC in a highly potent form.

Buy shatter online | tale of two strains is a clear, amber-colored cannabis concentrate that resembles a tinted sheet of glass in its solid state. It is hard and brittle, unlike its gooier wax counterparts and gets its name from its ability to “shatter” or crack under pressure. It is a highly potent marijuana product with a THC content ranging up to 80% that produces extremely heightened effects when smoked.

Shatter Online in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Cannabis Concentrate on the Web

This type of concentrate requires decarboxylation before it can be smoked or consumed, and needs to be heated with a dab rig or vaporizer to release its psychoactive compounds. The most common side effects of shatter weed are cottonmouth and dry eyes, but inexperienced users can also experience dizziness, paranoia, nausea, or lethargy when consumed in large doses.

Shatter can be purchased by the gram or in bulk shatter packs by the quarter, half, and sometimes by the full pound (16 ounces). The best online dispensaries to buy shatter will offer high-quality $10 to $15 shatter for sale in an array of strains with mix and match options. These shatter deals are often a result of dispensaries rotating their stock quickly. When you see a low price for shatter, it is often a trim-run product that was not processed properly and may contain more lipids or fats than premium shatter.

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