What Is a Flood Extraction Machine?

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flood extraction machine

A flood extraction machine¬† is a piece of equipment used by professional water restoration restorers to help dry homes and businesses after major floods or other types of water damage. The process of extracting water can be complicated and time consuming, but it’s an important step in the restoration process.

The first step in a flood extraction job is stopping the flow of water. This may be as simple as turning off a water main or more complex such as shutting off an entire house’s incoming plumbing. Then, the water removal can begin.

There are many different kinds of water removal machines available. They can include anything from a simple shop vacuum to powerful flood extraction machines like the 7000LX Mytee Flood Hog. These machines use powerful Mytee Hybrid vacuum motors and stainless steel automatic pump-outs to extract up to 66 gallons per minute. These powerful pumps have a large easy to remove screen basket that keeps debris out of the pump and motor for maximum performance. Durability is also a key feature in these machines with tough rotomolded housing.

How to Choose the Best Flood Extraction Machine for Your Home or Business

Other types of water extraction machines are more specialized. These might be used for carpet or concrete restoration. These tools are called deep extraction tools and come in two different types: vacuum sealed or weighted. The vacuum sealed extractors work by creating a tight seal to pull out water from the carpet and cushion. They are very effective in small areas where other larger machinery cannot fit. These machines also have a see through recovery hose that allows the technician to see when they have extracted all of the water.

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