Synthetic Urine For Sale

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The best way to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to synthetic urine is to buy it from the manufacturer. No retailer can compete with the manufacturer’s prices.

Are lab urine tests more accurate?

When it comes to buying the best synthetic urine for your needs, there is no better option than the Spectrum Labs website. Here, you will find a complete line of high quality detox beverages and synthetic urine kits.

For your convenience, Spectrum Labs also offers a wide range of products to help you pass your next drug test. These include the ultra-simple urine booster, a clear choice synthetic urine kit, a full gas chromatography – mass spectrometry lab analysis, and a full blood profile. The Quick Fix brand is the most popular synthetic urine for sale. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. While most brands offer a variety of gimmicks, Quick Fix’s products actually deliver the goods.

This particular brand combines the highest quality of ingredients with a heat pad to create a product that is sure to keep you clean. Plus, it’s affordable and available in multiple sizes.

Quick Fix synthetic urine is also one of the most discreet brands in the industry. Its packaging is secure and the billing system is discrete. And if you can’t wait for your order, you can take advantage of overnight and covert shipping options.

Other great products from Spectrum Labs include the X-Stream, a powdered urine infused with a biocide preservative. However, this product doesn’t deliver the same quality as the more expensive products.

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