Hemp Topicals – What Are They and How Do They Work?

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If you have achy muscles, chances are you’ve tried foam rolling, warm compresses or maybe even a hot shower or bath. Adding a cannabis topical to your recovery routine may help ease your pain and discomfort. But what exactly are hemp pain relief creams and how do they work?

Is CBD lotion a drug?

The short answer: CBD (or THC) infused lotions and balms that are rubbed onto the skin. Cannabis-infused hemp topicals are popular among people who want the relief of THC and other cannabis compounds without the mind-altering effects of smoking or vaping. They’re also favored by those looking for the healing properties of hemp, such as its anti-inflammatory and anti-itch benefits.

A longer answer: Topicals can contain a variety of ingredients, including essential oils and herbs. They are often formulated with the “entourage effect” in mind, meaning that other botanical compounds (like terpenes) work together with cannabinoids like THC and CBD to deliver enhanced benefits. Some formulas may have additional cannabinoids, like CBN or THCA, in addition to THC and CBD.

Unlike other methods of consumption, which can deliver a concentrated dose directly into your bloodstream, topicals absorb through the skin and bind with the CB receptors in the cells and sensory nerves. This helps provide relief at the source of your discomfort, easing muscle pain, inflammation and itching. Many consumers choose full-spectrum topicals, which use a combination of compounds that can help you experience the full range of healing properties of the hemp plant.

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