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Program Committee
Chair: Dr. S. Ramani
Role: Large conferences are jointly managed by the Program Committee and an Organizing Committee. A Governor, assigned by the Executive Committee, leads the Program Committee and a person local to the conference site heads the Organizing Committee.

Conferences Committee
Chair: Dr. Jehuda Kella
Role: The Conference Group is responsible for formulating conference policy, and the topics and sites for ICCC Conferences. It also oversees their operational and contractual aspects. Key to the selection of conference topics is early recognition by conference planners of major new developments.

Publications Committee
Chair: Dr. Dipak Khakhar
Role: The Publications Group is responsible for all matters related to publications that reflect ICCC’s professional interests. ICCC Press is a key responsibility of the Publications Group.

The Group works cooperatively with members of the Conference Group toward the publication of conference proceedings for world-wide distribution and sale, and with the Marketing Group in the publication of ICCC’s newsletter “icon”.

Marketing Committee
Chair: Mr. Pete Desrochers
Role: The Marketing Committee supports ICCC’s mission with external and internal initiatives to improve communications among governors, and reflect ICCC’s strengths to the public.

Internal to ICCC
The production of “icon”, the new ICCC newsletter, an up-to-date ICCC brochure and a new ICCC web site are cornerstones of the marketing campaign for ICCC Governors.

External to ICCC
The Marketing Group works with other committees to promote ICCC positions and activities on important issues.

Technology Committee
Chair: Dr. Dorothy Phillips
Role: The Technology Group contributes to ICCC’s Vision and Mission by recommending how ICCC can most effectively apply computer and communications technologies internally to reach decisions, take actions, and achieve results from globally dispersed volunteers.