3.5 Inch Casters

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The 3.5 inch wheel caster may be a bit of a claptrap but a closer inspection of the occupants of the box will reveal a quality built product. Its top-notch construction, albeit at the expense of an overpriced ticket, makes it a steal of a deal at a time when other brands are putting up their fingers. In fact, a look at the shopper’s guide to casters reveals that a number of the most sought after brands are on the same page.

What screws to use to attach casters?

There is a plethora of 3.5 inch casters on the market. In addition to the usual suspects, there are also a few newcomers that are well worth the price tag. For starters, the aforementioned FWE ETC-UA-4PH undercounter mobile heated cabinet has stainless steel construction and a plethora of 12″ by 20″ trays. As such, it is a perfect fit for your banquet room or burgeoning hotel bar. It also features the aforementioned casters as well as a slew of other high-end features including a built-in USB charging port and a lighted on/off switch.

The aforementioned FWE ETC-UA-4PH is also a great choice for businesses that require a mobile solution for keeping wares at a premium. Its aptly named ‘Magnetic’ system enables secure storage of your most prized items, and allows the quick access to these prized possessions, including a built-in USB charger, a lockable door, and a recessed ‘do not open’ feature. Moreover, the aforementioned casters are a cinch to install, making this one of the most user friendly products of its type.

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