Best Investing Apps


Best investing apps have made it easier than ever for people to get involved in the financial markets. With the right app, it’s possible to track stock market performance in real time and make informed investment decisions that align with your investment strategy and ultimate financial goals. The best investing apps will also offer a wide range of low fees, diverse investments and security features to ensure your personal financial information remains safe.

The investment app field is booming as online brokerages and newcomers alike compete to create user-friendly investing platforms that mirror desktop trading experiences with advanced functionality, research tools and watch lists. Many of the best investments apps also boast $0 or low account fees, commission-free stock trades and no minimum deposit requirement. Some, such as TD Ameritrade, even offer free market trend reports and charts that can be accessed via phone, tablet or smartwatch.

Invest Anywhere: Exploring the Top Investing Apps for Every Investor”

While apps that make trading feel like a video game have attracted a younger generation, their flashy graphics can encourage risky behavior and should be used with caution. Those looking to limit their exposure can opt for more conservative investing apps, such as Acorns, which allows users to automatically invest spare change from their daily transactions.

For those who want to go beyond investing and manage their entire financial portfolio in one app, look for an all-in-one finance app that offers an array of products, such as a savings plan, mortgages, private student loans, credit cards and high-yield savings accounts. The top choice for this category is SoFi Active Investing, which provides a robust mobile investing platform and offers access to a full suite of financial services.